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What I Wore To Work

This is what I wore to work yesterday, minus the bunny ears. Our store is getting remodeled and they made it clear that we need to step up our fashion game and have full face makeup. It sounded a little challenging for me just because I’m not used to working with a lot of makeup on or going to work looking like a wannabe model so I just put on lipstick and accessorized with a belt and it was a hit!

Top: Torrid, 4, $22*
Skirt: Lane Bryant, 26/28, $?
Belt: Torrid, 4, $1* (bogo $1 sale)
Shoes: Torrid, 12, $22*


Rocking my pansona today at work. #tummy #fatbabe #fatshion

OOTD: pansona mode activate
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Rocking my pansona today at work. #tummy #fatbabe #fatshion

OOTD: pansona mode activate

Jun 10, 2014 / 210 notes

Lace and Studs, Idgaf.

It was laundry day and I really didn’t have much to wear so I threw this on and loved it. I know you can’t tell really, but my legs are hairy and I went to work that way and felt good about it, I usually don’t have the courage to sport my unshaven legs but I made employee of the month at Torrid and I’m pretty much a badass now :P

Lace Top: Torrid, 3x, $12
Tank: Lane Bryant, 26/28, $12
Maxi Skirt: Lane Bryant, 26/28,$24?
Sandals: Torrid,12, $14(w/employee discount+$10 off reward coupon)

**I’m not religious but our trailer park owners are, that’s their cross in the background but it somehow made me feel more badass.

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Semi-d.i.y. outfit!
I basically make these sheer ponchos out of scarves. This was an infinity scarf that I first cut to be a long piece of fabric and then folded it in half, cut a neck hole and did a quick hem, very delicately because the fabric was sooooo delicate. I have a few more of these that I will feature later this summer.

Scarf/poncho: Torrid, $8*
Tights: Torrid, 3x, $8*
Shoes: Torrid, 12, $22*
Tank: thrifted

* indicates that I got my employee discount to get the cheap price. I usually buy only clearance stuff and get my employee discount on top.

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Tbt from last summer, this is still one of my favorite looks!

Dress: torrid, 4
Shirt: lane bryant
Hair band: Texas renfest

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[Shirt: Dots, 3x//Skirt, Tights, Shoes: Torrid]

It’s been a whole year and I’m still chiflada

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Shamelessly me
A trailer-park queen
my body, obscene
your thoughts, unclean
and as you read
you judge me
but I’m learning not to care.

Throwback Thursday, just last year.

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"Kiss me hard before you go. Summertime sadness. I just wanted you to know, that baby, you’re the best."

My bestfriend and boyfriend both helped me take an editorial of one of my favorite summer outfits. Took these at the front of our trailer park, the flowers made for a beautiful background!

Shirt: Burkes Outlet, 3x

Tank: Dots, 3x

Skirt: Lane Bryant, 26/28

I’ve been so busy, ima have to spam with some tbt’s


Fat is not a feeling.
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Fat is not a feeling.

(via plumpprettypisces)

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Not the best pics ever and not the best outfit ever but it was quick and easy and I needed to go. I re-wear these shoes a lot and in fact had to super glue them back together yesterday cause they were talkin from the back…back-talkin me! Haha, I used E-600 on them. I got them from Wal-Mart a few years ago and can’t find them. Best pair ever.

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